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Domestic CCTV Our Price List

With our guideline prices for home CCTV, we make it easy for you to see if CCTV is within your budget without the need for of having to book an appointment for us to come and give you a quote. The prices shown for a domestic CCTV installation are for a standard installation in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, and surrounding areas. A standard installation includes a property size equivalent up to a 3 bed semi-detatched, and the recorder to either be installed in the attic and be controlled via smartphones, tablets and Pc’s, or where this is not possible, into an upstairs room. Please get in touch with us with your specific requirements and we will supply you with a personalised quote for your home security needs.

  • 2.0mp 1080p FULL HD CCTV prices;

    • 2 camera system – £275*
    • 3 camera system – £325*
    • 4 camera system – £375*
    • 6 camera system – £560*
    • 8 camera system – £690*

  • 5.0mp Super HD CCTV prices;

    • 2 camera system – £400*
    • 3 camera system – £450*
    • 4 camera system – £499*
    • 6 camera system – £750*
    • 8 camera system – £950*

  • 8.0mp 4k UltraHD CCTV prices;

    • 2 camera system – £500*
    • 4 camera system – £700*
    • 8 camera system – £1400*

  • All our systems give you around 4-5 weeks motion activated recording.

    For any packages other than the ones displayed, please contact one of our advisers for an accurate quote.
    *Prices are plus VAT and are assuming cameras are all being placed in areas that can be accessed by ladders. The cameras are to be mounted on the house, any cameras to be mounted on low level buildings, extensions or conservatories must be arranged before hand and may affect the price. A standard installation is having the DVR either in an attic or in an upstairs room. Attic conversions or having the DVR anywhere else may affect the price. The cameras are hard wired, in most cases we can hide the majority of the cable, in any areas where any cable needs to be surface mounted, it will either be neatly pinned or in professional looking conduit, this is down to personal preference. These prices are for Derbyshire and surrounding areas, if you are further away, please contact us for an accurate quote.

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